2016 Honda Crosstour

This model originally came in 2009. It is a full-size crossover which was initially named Accord Crosstour. It was idea to create a vehicle that will have similar characteristics as Subaru Outback, which makes great results on many markets around the world. This vehicle is basically a station wagon version of company’s best known model called Accord. It shares the same platform, design etc. On the other side it features a higher ground clearance and some other characteristics that make this model basically a SUV. During these six years of production, it came through only one refresh. It was renamed to just Crosstour in 2012, while mid-cycle update was done in 2013.

2016 Honda Crosstour

In this refresh, the Crosstour came with several changes such as improved look, new powertrain which includes Earth Dreams V6 engine and new 6-speed transmission, plenty of new standard features etc. However, all of these changes weren’t enough to improve sale results. Even a price drop didn’t help. Finally, company decided to kill this model. It was officially announced that the production will end this year, so we won’t see a 2016 Honda Crosstour in offer.

2016 Honda Crosstour rear view

2016 Honda Crosstour end of production

Honda’s vision of compromise between crossover and traditional station wagon seems to be unsuccessful. This model that came in 2009 was planned to be a direct rival of Subaru Outback. However, sales results are disappointing. The numbers are far away from company expected and what is even more alarming, every next year is worst that previous. For example, around 11.800 units were sold in 2014, which is around 30 percent weaker result compared to year before.

This is considered as main reason for 2016 Honda Crosstour discontinuation. However, there is one more reason. As you probably know, this model is produced in Honda’s assembly in Ohio and it has limited capacity. According to the some insider reports, company wants to free up the space for more popular models like CR-V and Acura RDX, which are produced in same factory. It is also expected that new, 2017 Acura MDX will be produced in Ohio. All in all, production of this crossover will end soon. So, if you are interested in this model, you don’t have much time.

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