2016 Ford Bronco

In recent times there have been a rumor spreading around that Ford Company is ready to release the a fresh and trendy 2016 Ford Bronco. After a long discontinuation of production for almost 20 years, the Bronco has been slowly vanishing away from the market. The good issue is that the Bronco lovers have become very longing, so it is possible to expect a well-redesigned car model of this masculine car.

2016 Ford Bronco exterior

2016 Ford Bronco front view

The exterior view of 2016 Ford Bronco will be almost the same Ford F 150. This is mainly the same wheels, same body and front. The 2016 Bronco form is based on Atlas concept model. It has a great look that includes a significantly high wheel suspension structure. On the front of the car, the 2016 Ford Bronco has a huge drill with a wide stand. It has two LED lights and superior fog lights that enhance further visibility and safety during tremendously misty weather conditions. Looking at the 2016 Bronco from the side, six lug aluminums are clearly visible. One other interesting feature is the sharp lines and dimensions. It gives the new Ford Bronco a masculine look.

2016 Ford Bronco interior

2016 Ford Bronco interior

The sophisticated and classy interior of expected 2016 Ford Bronco can attributed to the company’s firmness on utilizing wood. The new Ford Bronco interior will be attractive and fashionable. The cabin room will be large and be able to accommodate five passengers suitably. All-new 2016 Bronco will have ample luggage storage capacity. The technology level in 2016 Bronco has been upgraded and provided with many useful types of equipments. The 2016 Ford Bronco will broad LCD screens, brand audio system and high-technology possibilities. The car will also get an instrumental panel, which include stereo speakers, a satellite radio and front powerful windows. Concerning security matters, Ford will upgrade its features that include: engine immobilizer, passenger airbags, and traction controls.

2016 Ford Bronco engine

2016 Ford Bronco engine

There are also good reports when it comes to the performance and engine of the 2016 Ford Bronco. The car could have a few choices of engines. The bottom option is having 5.0L Coyote V-8, which can produce 420 hp. Another improved option is the 4.9L power stroke diesel engine V-7 that shells out 645 Ib-ft of torques and 330 Hp. The power stroke engine awards the 2016 Bronco easier burden to heavy loads, and helps in saving the fuel economy. Another option is a 5.8L supercharged V-8. It will deliver 631 Ib-ft of torque and 662 hp when tapped; therefore giving the  2016 Bronco the capacity to do whatever it wants. It has a transmission choice of automatic 6R140 six-speed manual transmission.

2016 Ford Bronco release date and price

The release date of new Ford Bronco will be probably at the end of 2015 or early of 2016. The prices that can be approximately the same value as that of 2015 Ford F-150 crew truck, the anticipated starting price will be around $30,565.

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