2016 Buick Encore

The Encore is a subcompact crossover, which came in 2012 as an all-new model. Although it is still pretty much new model, it already secured its place in the market, mainly because of its unique characteristics. It is designed especially for the U.S. market, but it is also available in China. On the other markets like Europe, there is similar model in offer. It is called Opel Mokka and in mechanical aspect it is pretty much identical, while visual appearance is not so close. The 2016 Buick Encore is expected to come late this year and so far, bigger changes aren’t expected.

2016 Buick Encore details

2016 Buick Encore

As we already mentioned, we still don’t expect bigger modifications for 2016 Buick Encore. This model will come with the pretty much same characteristics as current model, which makes it pretty unique on the market. It stands alone, when it is about segment of subcompact crossovers. On one side, there are small crossovers like Fiat 500X or Mini Countryman that don’t give such level of comfort and equipment like 2016 Encore, but they are still quicker and younger. On the other side there are German models like BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA, that are still miles ahead, so it is easy to conclude that traditional BMW and Mercedes-Benz customers definitely won’t be much interested in model that is made by General Motors. The 2016 Buick Encore offers very stylish look, more spacious cabin and much more equipment and higher level of comfort, compared to the most of crossovers of this class.

2016 Buick Encore interior

2016 Buick Encore engine

The performances are probably the weakest part of 2016 Buick Encore. Just like current model, it will be available just in one drivetrain combination. It is same engine that is used for Chevrolet Sonic. It is a 1.4 liter 4-cylinder engine, paired with 6-speed automatic transmission that delivers 138 horsepower. If you consider that this model weights around 3.200 pound, it is easy to conclude why it needs more that 9 seconds to reach 60 mph. If you add to this not so good fuel economy, it is easy to realize that 2016 Buick Encore will be in inferior position, compared to competition.

2016 Buick Encore release date and price

The 2016 Buick Encore is expected to come late this year. Price will definitely be one of its main trumps. The base mode will be available already at around 25.000 dollars.

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