2016 BMW X2

Once again we will see one all-new model launched by Bavarian car maker. As one of the key players on the global market, BMW constantly enlarges its offer, in order to attract wider range of potential customers. This time we will see a completely new crossover. It was firstly rumored that this new crossover will come as new entry-level model, but that won’t happen. New model will stand between X1 and X3 models and since it will carry an even number in its name, it is easy to conclude that it will come in company’s familiar coupe-like body style. New model is expected to come as 2016 BMW X2, but probably just in a concept form, while production model is expected to come one year later.

2016 BMW X2 details

2016 BMW X2Well, although it is still a future model, we already know what to expect from it. The 2016 BMW X2 is expected to follow the example from larger X6 and X4 models. We expect to see same styling, just in smaller pack. It will ride on the same platform as X1, and it will also borrow many of design solutions. Exterior look will be based on X1 model, but we will see the same solutions as on X4 and X6 model. The 2016 BMW X2 will feature the same five-door layout, with its tailgate set at a more extreme angle, which will give that familiar coupe-like silhouette. The first testing models are expected to hit the roads in near future, probably in next few weeks. When those mules come out, we will know more details about 2016 X2.

2016 BMW X2 engine

The 2016 BMW X2 is expected to come with same engine line up as X1 model. There will be several petrol and diesel variants in offer, in a power range from 107 to over 300 horsepower. The transmission is also expected to be the same. There are several options in offer – 6-speed manual, 6-speed automatic and new 8-speed ZF 8HP automatic transmission. The M performance variant is also expected to come in next few years, and it will come with an output of more than 300 horses.

2016 BMW X2 rear view2016 BMW X2 release date

As we already mentioned, testing model are expected to hit the roads in next few weeks. The 2016 BMW X2 is expected to come somewhere next year, probably just in a concept form, while production model will probably come as 2017 year model.

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