Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • 2017 Audi Q7

    The Q7 is a full size luxury crossover, produced by German car maker Audi. It was originally launched in 2005, while U.S. model came in 2007. It is the flagship model of the company, when it is about SUVs. After almost ten years of production and several updates, we will finally see the next-generation model. […]

  • 2017 BMW X5

    The X5 is definitely one of the best-known and most popular crossovers, when it is about luxury cars. It is a mid-size luxury crossover, which originally came in 1999. It was the company’s first crossover ever made. It is also important to mention that this model, alongside with Lexus RX300, was the first crossover that […]

  • Volvo XC40

    As you probably know, this Swedish manufacturer works very hard in last several years, in order to refresh its offer, and stay competitive on the global market. As one of the leading brand, when it is about luxury cars, this company constantly tries to offer something new. Several important models were redesigned recently and several […]

  • 2016 Chevrolet Suburban

    There is really no need for some special introduction, when it is about model called Suburban. It is the longest-running nameplate in car industry. The original model was introduced in 1934, as 1935 year model. Believe it or not, there have been twelve generations so far. Current mode came last year as 2015 model year. […]

  • 2016 Buick Encore

    The Encore is a subcompact crossover, which came in 2012 as an all-new model. Although it is still pretty much new model, it already secured its place in the market, mainly because of its unique characteristics. It is designed especially for the U.S. market, but it is also available in China. On the other markets […]

  • 2016 Acura MDX

    The MDX is definitely one of those models that dominate the market. This mid-size luxury crossover was originally launched in 2001 and so far, we have seen three generations of it. Current model came in 2013 and it instantly became one of the leaders on the market. After few years of production company prepared some […]

  • 2016 Audi Q9

    This German manufacturer is considered as one of the very few leaders, when it is about luxury cars. On the global market there aren’t too many companies that can compete with Audi. It offers its products all over the world, and it constantly brings something new. This time company plans to introduce an all-new model. […]

  • 2017 Porsche Macan

    The Porsche Macan is a compact luxury crossover, which was introduced in 2014. Although it is a very fresh model, it instantly became extremely popular and it is already considered as one of the most important models of the company. There are even predictions that this crossover will became company’s best-selling model in very near […]

  • 2017 Nissan Pathfinder

    The Pathfinder is a mid size crossover, which is in production for three decades. It was originally launched in 1985 and so far we have seen four generations of this excellent crossover. It is considered as one of the most popular and definitely one of the most important models for this Japanese company. If you […]

  • 2017 Ford Bronco

    This SUV was originally introduced in 1966 and was produces for three decades. Almost 20 years this model is out of production, but interest for this car does not wane. Last time we saw something that has connection with this model was in 2004. That year we saw a concept of a new Bronco. However, […]